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of the freewheel ProSecure knee

Optimal Security

The knee locks and thus secures the patient whenever he puts his weight on his foot up to 15° of angle of flexion. The maximum angle of flexion can be set to avoid the stumbling patient from falling.


The knee requires very little energy from the patient while not needing any external power source. It’s aleopneumatic shock absorber removes unwanted vibrations which results in a very fluid and natural gait.


Purely mechanical, it is robust and easy to maintain.

Performance while being affordable

Being fully mechnanical, it keeps manufacturing cost low and allows an affordable price.


From the amputee’s very first steps up to his ultimate activity level autonomy, the ProSecure knee gives trust, accompanies the patient and values his efforts.

A knee that keeps on innovating

Key features

ProSecure innovates
The freewheel allows fonctionnalities not seen to this day in a purely mechanical knee.
  • The ProSecure prosthetic knee brings a fully functional solution relying purely on a simple mechanic principles without any need for electronic controls.

  • The heart of the knee harbors a freewheel driven by the ground reaction (load line) when the patient touches the ground with his prosthetic foot. It is achieved not only in a straight legged stance but also when the knee is flexed at 15° max.

  • This locking mechanism doesn’t require any adjustments and adapts automatically, among other things, to the patient’s weight and to the intensity of the ground reaction. It is either on or off.

  • This innovative knee is the only one of its kind to support the patient’s weight by locking in flexion while at the same time allowing the leg to extend. In all situations, the knee allows the leg to extent and therefore can really help a patient to get up from a chair for example.

Our team

Who we are


founder and technical director
At 62, Henri Blanc PhD in fluid mechanics took the major part of its professional life to research, find and calculate solutions with a focus know-how transmission and innovation. In parallel to teaching at ENSAM, he founded an engineering consulting firm in mechanical power transmission (gears, high speed shaft dynamic and support). He leads the technical development of the knee.


administration & commercial development
At 32, business owner & winegrower, she is in business since the beginning of her career. Her company, Sophie Blanc Consulting SASU, works at creating and developing other businesses, essentially in the agribusiness sector. A graduate of HEC Montreal in Canada, Sophie daily helps with strategic, managerial, administrative and commercial decisions. She aims at bringing the highest level of financial and structural improvements to her clients.


medical and regulatory
At 30, Doctor Peggy Blanc works in a Medical center in the infectiology department. From her work, she brings knowledge of the fast paced medical evolution in R&D and is responsible for OrthoProSecure medical and regulatory communications.

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